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Document Management Solution
Regardless of what industry you currently operate in, you’re undoubtedly reliant on paper. From insurance applications to mortgage originations and student financial aid records to patient files, today’s business world is paper dependent. Have you ever stopped to think about how your organization would change if paper were to be suddenly eliminated? What processes would improve? Which inefficiencies would be addressed? How much money would be saved?

What is Document Management?
Document management, also referred to as content management, is a software solution aimed at assisting organizations in managing documents. By electronically storing business documents, users are provided with more efficient means of retrieval, sophisticated routing of documents for processing and effective security and disaster recovery precautions. Other features of document management systems include advanced search capabilities, document archival based on retention schedules, managing information across an entire enterprise and tight integration with existing applications.

What are the Benefits of Document Management?
Maximizing document management capabilities within your organization allows you to manage and control information through its entire lifecycle, from creation by a user to deletion based on predetermined retention schedules. This allows organizations to not only protect document integrity through security procedures and consistent processing of documents, but also better serve customers by providing more timely services. Implementing document management technology within your business also enables you to decrease costs associated with file storage, production and processing, as well as improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Why Business Process Management?
Since 1986, CDMS has provided proven document management solutions to organizations of varying sizes within a multitude of industries. By implementing software solutions, users have significantly improved and streamlined business processes for optimum efficiency.

The CDMS Suite of document management products consists of three integrated practices: input and retrieval, process management and system management. When combined, these areas provide users with immediate access to business critical information, process automation capabilities and tools for better control of documents stored within the system.

Input and retrieval modules provide users with the ability to store and access information within the system, regardless of file format. By using these products, organizations can eliminate the physical storage of documents as well as decrease processing costs and time through immediate access to business critical data.

Process management tools enable organizations to better manage business processes through automation, document encryption and immediate indexing and storage of data. By utilizing process management products, organizations gain increased control of information throughout processing, protect document integrity and ensure consistency across the enterprise.

System management components are designed to assist you in addressing many organizational challenges. Some of your objectives may include providing Web-based access to business documents, complying with recent corporate regulations, monitoring system and application performance, and reducing network traffic. With the DocFinity system management tools, you can achieve all of these goals and more!

What’s the result of implementing a Document Management solution in your organization? Improved efficiency, increased document control, enhanced customer services, decreased operational costs and much more! With DocFinity, you’re offered solutions with infinite possibilities.
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