As technology systems mature and business capabilities expand, integration becomes a key factor in the success, or failure, of a project. Additionally, sophisticated integration capabilities will assist your organization in utilizing existing software investments. Enhanced integration capabilities will also help reduce the overall cost of completing a document management project by eliminating the need for custom coding.

CDMS Solutions are platform independant, meaning we can offer your organization many means of integration with third party applications.

One of CDMS's integration options is available through Web services API calls. Web services can ‘speak’ to, and be called by, virtually every known development language. This allows for easy integration and use of CDMS Solution functionality along with applications written by our customers and business partners. This move to using Web services as the basis of the CDMS consulting architecture means that as CDMS develops its solution it will automatically be kept up to date as new functionality is added.

CDMS ties the solution into client's application infrastructure in both an unobtrusive and easy to maintain manner. The flexibility of CDMS Web service architecture makes it possible for customers to use the solution from their own Web sites, portals and server processes. Customers can link to, and pass, any data back and forth from the CDMS Web Portal, using virtually any development language. This allows users to import, retrieve and view documents from workflows and reports all from their own company Web site, portals or applications.

Another means made available by CDMS is database integration. Through tools provided to our customers when licensing the solution(s), organizations can directly insert information into the database tables from their own homegrown or third party applications.

The above examples are just a few of the integration capabilities available from CDMS. By effectively implementing these features in your organization, you will not only benefit from the resource saving abilities of the developed solution, but also better leverage existing investments, develop a document management system designed specifically for your unique business needs and improve your business processes. With CDMS, you’re offered integration solutions with infinite possibilities.
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