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Records Management Solution
Due to recent corporate scandals, records management policies and procedures have been brought to the forefront of the public eye. What can an organization do to protect critical business information? How can records management practices be implemented to ensure document integrity? And, more importantly, how can you shield your organization from the costly and damaging effects of failure to comply with document-centric regulations?

What is Records Management?
Records management technology provides organizations with the ability to store business critical information in a single repository for effective management and access to files. Additionally, records management software assists your organization in addressing stringent document-centric legislative and regulatory requirements. This technology typically includes extensive reporting tools, audit trails, security and archive capabilities to protect document integrity.

What are the Benefits of Records Management?
Implementing records management technology within your organization allows users to easily access corporate data while protecting it against unauthorized access, manipulation or destruction of files. Records management software also provides the ability to administer all records stored within a system and apply record keeping procedures in accordance with corporate policies. By using these tools, organizations are able to comply with recent legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as ensure consistency, protect corporate images and streamline procedures.

Why Business Records Management?
Since 1986, CDMS has been instrumental in moving businesses into the twenty-first century by eliminating paper, managing content and solving business process challenges. CDMS has strived to help these organizations embrace information management as a critical element of their competitive advantage and future success. Our commitment to keeping up with advances in technology and providing customers with the best in functionality is the foundation of the company’s development efforts. CDMS has presented organizations with innovative approaches to controlling, yet making the most of, the value of the flow of information throughout business processes.

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