System Management & Security Solution
Life is full of uncertainties. Floods, fire, accidental destruction, system failures and a variety of other threats jeopardize the continuity of your business. For this reason, it is vital your organization protect its critical information and monitor application statuses for optimum efficiency. By implementing security precautions and system monitoring capabilities within a document management system, your organization is better equipped to protect document integrity and the interests of your stakeholders.

Why CDMS Security and Disaster Recovery?
Since 1986, CDMS has been offering organizations in various industries proven electronic document management solutions. We understand the need for extensive security precautions. For this reason, OIT’s DocFinity Suite of Products offers a comprehensive security and system monitoring tool developed not only to address the current needs of an organization but also future requirements for document protection.

The Dashboard utility, when implemented in your organization, functions as the nerve center of information for every server in your system. Throughout the day, the software will take readings of your system and indicate whether or not everything is functioning properly. If there is a problem in your imaging system, the Dashboard screen will turn red and direct you to the disruption. CDMS Dashboard Solution will also send alerts out to system administrators alerting them of a problem, saving your company valuable time and money.

CDMS Dashboard Solution allows you to monitor application status, executables, event logs, databases, uptime, performance counters, drive space and any aspect of a Windows environment. The Dashboard enables your administrators to proactively observe the system, rather than relying on user feedback to identify problems. It also helps you to streamline your overall system management by providing a single point for monitoring employees’ workflows and system performance.

The CDMS Security Solution(s) allows administrators to completely control access to information contained in documents. This feature permits organizations to limit user rights down to the half page level and restrict functions, such as faxing, archiving, retrieving and altering, based on document type. These precautions, when properly configured, ensure that only users with the appropriate assigned security rights can view sensitive information contained in a document.

Audit trails and retention schedules are also major factors organizations must address due to recent government regulations. Audit trail options allow administrators to track access, retrieval and actions completed in processing the data contained in documents. Retention schedules can be established to automate document destruction and decrease liability related to unnecessary documents. The flexibility allows organizations to establish audit trails and document retention schedules based on their individual needs and requirements.

In addition to the security capabilities, CDMS offers licensing options for disaster recovery methods. Upon purchasing the system, customers can run three instances of the system: a live production environment, a test environment and a backup environment. CDMS engineers also provide alternative means of disaster recovery by running mirrored and clustered environments. By implementing these methods within your business operations, you are assured of a reliable system that is well equipped to address your business continuity needs.
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