In the data capture process, finding the right balance between speed and quality control is crucial. To accomplish this CDMS's partnership with KODAK Imaging Solutions will help you optimize business processes, weigh technology options, and develop an overall information technology architecture to accommodate both today's volumes - including peaks - and tomorrow's growth.

Creating electronic copies of documents with Kodak Scanners is easy
and brings several benefits:
  • Records are stored, indexed, retrieved, and edited quickly and with ease
  • Audit trails are created for monitoring business process
  • Difficult to lose electronic copies
  • Security features for rights to documents
Some documents - word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, publications, email - are "born digital." In other words, they originate in electronic form. These documents must be captured efficiently, so they can begin the information management lifecycle. Electronic capture of these files eliminates problems associated with uncontrolled "shadow" record keeping systems such as email and network drives. Managing digital documents with all other digital content is essential for unified, simple retrieval.

Forms processing technology automates data capture from scanned or digital forms. Capturing data from scanned forms sounds simple, but is quite complex. Wide variation in document types, fonts and original document quality can affect data integrity. Sophisticated image processing and classification software (including OCR, ICR, OMR recognition algorithms and barcodes) is used to convert scanned data into readable text (or ASCII code). Data from digital forms, such as web forms, also flows through the forms processing business rules so that all data capture follows the same consolidated process.
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