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Automate the capture of accounts payable (AP) invoice data for entry into your financial and ERP systems. Purchase order numbers, line-item descriptions and charges, terms, taxes and more can all be accurately captured and verified. As a result, payment approvals and accounting reports move more quickly throughout your organization.

Automatically extracts data from complex Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms, including patient names, account numbers, services dates, procedure codes, line-item details, individual claim and EOB total financial data, and much more. Accurate data and snippet images of patient records are then ready for delivery into patient accounting and document management systems.

Automate complex forms with the capture and processing of claim data, which dramatically improves processing speed, lowers costs and frees employees to focus on higher value-added work and you’ll have data accuracy you can count on.

Automatically captures and processes your critical data from remittances, reducing the amount of manual data entry and verification required. You’ll see lower labor costs, increased data accuracy and improved productivity. Eliminate the bottlenecks and the impact of unpredictable float times that occur in a manual processing system.

Anywhere your business uses paper documents is a good place for OCR solutions from Computer Document Management Systems. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on OCR for document management solutions to capture and process data from business documents—and with good reason. The software virtually eliminates manual data entry, a process that drains profit and productivity.

Our solution provides the best electronic evidence by accurately capturing all the information needed to demonstrate signing intent, and reliably reproducing it so that your organization’s legal counsel can prove exactly WHO signed WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW.

An automated mortgage loan processing solution can free you from manual processing headaches and costs… allowing you to increase your operational efficiency, lower your turnaround time and improve the accuracy of data entering your system.

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Managing critical business information

Computer Document Management Systems's solutions are built to work with the worlds leading Enterprise Content Management and Document Management platforms. Because CDMS's solutions are platform independent, we can deliver solutions to virtually every content management, document management, records management and imaging system commercially available. CDMS Solutions are base around our software product Abledoc®.

Computer Document Management Systems maintains relationships with scalable and leading Enterprise Content Management and Document Management software companies like Abledoc®, AnyDoc®,and DocFinity® so we can provide your organization with a complete end-to-end solution in any of the following areas:
In addition to working with our Partners to provide best-of-breed technology, CDMS's real strength lies in our ability to design and deliver "real-world" solutions. Our business and technical teams provide results focused services to support your Enterprise Content Management strategy:
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